3 Guiding Reports with 5 NEW* Easy Gauges that Quickly Compare any Town’s COVID-19 Metrics in a  Community Assessment Guide that Includes  Concrete Action Steps and Show how to Use Local Virus Analytics by Town to Pre-Empt Spread.  And shows Older Population & Ambulance Counts, Those Without Cell, Computer or Internet and much more for any MA Town, City and County. PLUS 3 OTHER GUIDES for any place in USA. Its One-of-a-Kind to Push Back on Local COVID-19.

EASY to understand summary of local findings and analytics for action

Fact-based tools for anyone, anywhere to fight local COVID-19 : 

  1. Local Community Needs Assessment Guide, (w/local COVID-19 numbers) combined with:

  2. Population and Ambulance Counts  (w/local Rural & EMS Region Designation)

  3. People Not Connected: NO Cell, NO Computer or Internet, including older (companion report)

    This site hones in on local COVID-19 and ferrets it out!!!
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Today: Just in time for Independence Day!! SEE: Five NEW** gauges: easy how-to’s to compare your town’s COVID-19 counts with neighbors in next county or state-wide. Try them yourself by following Essex, Norfolk, Bristol, Worcester or Barnstable’s latest findings in ACTION STEP #7,  NOTICE: Baseline Metrics Show: North-south track through Middlesex; Four bands of low positivity in Barnstable; Lowest virus counts hopscotch Plymouth (6/17); Franklin and Berkshires still have towns with no virus . (6/17)  Your Help is neededPASS ON: Worcester’s in-depth case study reveals 4 clusters to nail down and one south border town with disproportionate new cases. (6/28) Some of Barnstable towns’ have virus shares creeping up. (6/28)   Gauges show six Bristol towns with some of the highest virus rates in MA. (7/02) Essex County’s neighbors, Newburyport, Newbury and West Newbury, have real low positivity .  Three Norfolk towns are below WHO’s recommended 5% positivity and others much higher than the state’s average.  See what towns are growing the cases in Middlesex, plus, the Newton neighbors’ cluster. (7/06) Western MA COVID-19 data story updates are coming soon!!!


Theresa Clary is a data scientist, researcher and geographer. She is Founder of World Force Strategies. Her work is about places and people with targeted knowledge-based actions.

Her experience includes R&D a first-of-a kind national demographics which were delivered by the world’s largest mapping company in easy to read town, city and county reports. At county and regional levels, she assesses community needs. Working with management, unions, government agencies, educational institutions and non-profits, she built large training and employment programs that served thousands of people across counties and regions.

She jump-started endeavors in USA by introducing and training others to create maps used by the International Red Cross during the Ebola crises. Beginning on March 4, 2020 Theresa’s county-wide e-mailings to Berkshire County MA initiated her efforts to contain and slow COVID-19’s local transmission. Now, each month, hundreds of site visitors download her COVID-19 action guide with geographic analyses by-town to beat its transmission. 

Theresa has an M.S. in Geography. Born with a broad world view, she is committed to pitching in.

Now it is everyone’s shared mission

Your help is needed to extend World Force Strategies’ reach.

Your skills are needed, because, communities from all over are counting on this website and its critical local information. This is your opportunity to become part of the solution. And you build your resume while helping because immediately you will be become part of the emerging high-tech field of geocoding. Its easy because it uses the same skills you already have:  Excel, Internet research, communication, writing,  reading, editing,  phone and database.  Now is the time to jump in and send an email to Theresa. Other skills needed are project management, WordPress, MySQL, data management, plus geo-data and mapping is a plus.   Working with location information is really interesting and fun because it tells about the world around us.  Today,  you can make a world of difference. Please send a simple list of your skills or links that show them.  

 Other: Send any updated local ambulance information or report corrections: Theresa Clary

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