At Your Doorstep

Where Income, Poverty and Wealth Inequality Meet

Delivering easy to understand facts to everyday people, Theresa Clary spearheads this site’s development to present applicable and meaningful demographics for anyone’s use. It will deliver clear, easy to understand facts on wealth and income changes at the local level. She believes that demographics such as these can provide a better understanding of the social patterns and trends that people face every day.

As a data scientist, geographer and humanitarian with a global perspective, the demographics are presented to give site visitors easy information for making decisions that can make a difference. In a time of global uncertainty as a volunteer programmer you can help ensure that real people get real facts. See why your help is urgently needed to program this simple but very important website. (The Guardian, January, 2017)

Theresa Clary’s volunteer efforts include workshops on how to create humanitarian maps. Presenting at colleges, libraries and churches she showed attendees how to join crowd sourcing to make maps used by international emergency health workers during the Ebola crisis in Africa.  See more. Other volunteers bringing you these demographics are: